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Manners of Speaking | Te Pūkoro o Tāne

Geoff Wilson Gallery, Whangarei

21 February - 26 march, 2020


Over 50 works in diverse media on themes of Proverbs and Sayings, by artists based in Aotearoa and beyond.


Curated by Sonja van Kerkhoff with 3rd year NorthTec year students. 


Video footage of the show here.

Review: CONNECTING ART IN A TIME OF CRISIS:  New Zealand –The Netherlands

Ursula Christel

All works, courtesy Mokopōpaki


Inorganic Collection (2018)

Found garden table, found mirror, chain, vintage metronome 86 x 69 x 69cm

Adjust to the Driving (2018)

Acrylic, oil, pencil, printed perspex, metal lugs on board (92 x 61cm), found side tables, clock, globe Overall dimensions variable

Muted (2018)

Acrylic, craft letter, bamboo, Scrabble board, Scrabble block letters, PVA, sealant, spray paint, adhesive on board Diameter 60cm

Stop Making Sense (2018)

Acrylic, oil, pencil, spray paint, newspaper, gold leaf, adhesive, sealant on board (61 x 46cm), plywood, spray paint, picture frames 61 x 62cm

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