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At Studio Christel, the core framework for all classes is based on inclusion because Art should be accessible to everyone.


There is also a focus on using more sustainable art practices and following the permaculture ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. Wherever possible, I prefer to use eco-friendly media, tools and techniques, recycled materials, and a policy of no/or minimal  waste. 

New Classes 2024

Thursday classes

10.30am - 12pm: Inclusive Art Sessions

3 - 5pm: College Art Students

Creative Group Events

If you're looking for a small-scale, creative Group Event, I can custom create a workshop for a range of events and participants, eg. ladies' nights, parent retreats, children's camps, celebrations, conferences, etc.

Activities could cover craft-type artworks, to an informal and fun, Fine Art focus. Sessions can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities. Everyone will take a unique artwork home with them.  


Creative Group Events are great for those special occasions when you want to have fun together, learn something new in a relaxed setting, experience some creative therapy and enjoy quality bonding time.


Give me a call for a chat and a quote. 

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