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'Mother Love: He Oha nā Te Whaea'

29th August - 13th October 2018 

 An inclusive, site-specific project at Mokopōpaki

454 Karangehape Road, Auckland, New Zealand


"Mother Love: He Oha nā Te Whaea by Auckland artist Ursula Christel, embraces all. It is an inclusive, multi-layered conceptual idea that explores relationships between architecture, visual theatre and storytelling. Mother Love is a playful, three-dimensional composition where the existing spaces, wall colours and elevations at Mokopōpaki, 454 Karangahape Road, Central City, welcome and support diversity. In this small but challenging contemporary dealer gallery, a Māori centre encourages the possibility of an experience where different artworks, surface reflections and objects can be seen together as one. The unity of ambition and purpose is described in an extensive exhibition catalogue freely available online and at the gallery. In this spirited, behind-the-scenes, eyewitness account, visitors to Mokopōpaki are not only introduced to the ‘bigger picture’ and see a collaborative process at work but also learn how Mother Love the exhibition, became such a unique, site-specific declaration of intent and source of intrigue." – Mokopōpaki

Exhibition catalogue / Press release here.


(left) Ursula and her three sons are reflected in the 'Dietzsch Chandelier' hanging above them, as they stand on 'Ground Level' in the Brown Room. Photo taken at 'Mother Love: He Oha nā Te Whaea' -  a solo exhibition at Mokopōpaki, 454 Karangehape Road, Auckland. 29th August - 13th October 2018 

  • For Mokopōpaki catalogue/review and images, click here and scroll down.

  • More images in © 2018 Sait Akkirman,  SEPTEMBER 2018 Compact Coverage Part Two: click here

  • Below: ART COLLECTOR #87, pgs 189/90/91. Article on Jacob Raniera and Mokopōpaki, by John Hurrell. Images by Sait Akkirman and Arekahānara.

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