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BRIEF: to design, create and facilitate an interactive project for the opening event of Recreate NZ's Art & Photography Exhibition.


The Recreate NZ logo and design was  drawn onto marine ply. An assortment of broken coloured tiles were available for folk to attach to the board with tile adhesive. The entire mosaic was completed at the event, and later grouted and framed - to be proudly displayed in the Recreate NZ office. 

'Exquisitely Unique'

Exquisitely Unique, 2011

A time-based project celebrating community, creativity, and diversity. Selected for 'How Diversity Works', an exhibition curated by Diversityworks Trust  at Artstation, 1 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland

17 August - 3 September, 2011

Event Announcement: here

Accompanying Slide Show on flickr: here

75 participants from a spectrum of ethnicities, age groups, abilities, and walks of life, attended a series of small group gatherings at local venues in their own community. Referencing the 'Exquisite Corpse' (a 19th century parlour game) each participant was invited to create one of four separate segments of the human body - 1) the head and shoulders; or 2) the arms and waist; or 3) the hips to the knees; or 4) the lower legs and feet. These sections were combined to create 'exquisite beings' that were attached to netting within a suspended frame. Photos and video footage taken during the creative sessions captured moments of fellowship, laughter, deep concentration, contemplation, personal breakthroughs and creative interactions. The photographic footage was screened alongside the artwork and was also used in a short film made after the exhibition. 

Crossing several creative media and processes over a period of 6 months, Exquisitely Unique provided a community experience. It captured the diverse contributions of all participants resulting in a vibrant visual statement that responded to the concept of How Diversity Works. The art sessions provided opportunities to share authentic conversations around the table - to celebrate new friendships and to embrace a deeper understanding of diversity.



Exquisitely Unique' - a short film based on this community project was produced for the MyFilm project by Diversityworks Trust. Link to the film: click here

'The Gift' - another short film produced by Diversityworks Trust is a poem set to visuals celebrating my non-verbal son who has Angelman Syndrome (a rare neuro-genetic condition). 

Link to film: click here

Paint and Piano.jpg

ROCK & ROLL, 2008

A Piano-Painting Improvisation

With thanks to sculptor Terry Haines for transporting the piano.

A disused weather-worn piano was  cleaned and primed to be used as a painting substrate for the Rock & Roll themed exhibition. With the accompaniment of Rock & Roll music, guests at the opening event were presented with paints, brushes and sponges.


The artwork evolved as the evening wore on, each contributor adding personal marks, images, symbols and messages. Over the month-long duration of the Rock & Roll exhibition, visiting local groups and individuals continued to add their unique marks to the 'music of the canvas'. The final result was a fun, expressive, multi-layered, musical object that encapsulated the vibrant spirit of the Rock and Roll era. 

piano art1.bmp

Sense-ational Art: PLEASE TOUCH! 

6th – 30th Nov 2008

A sensory interactive installation; 

Estuary Art Centre, Orewa

Funded by a Creative Communities Grant

Sense-ational Art provided a sensory exhibition that encouraged people of all ages and abilities to become active participants in a stimulating gallery experience. Viewers were encouraged to interact with the installation through sight, touch and sound.

The constructions were collaboratively designed and created by a selection of Rodney artists and parents from the Motuora Special-Needs Awareness group at Red Beach School, Auckland. At the conclusion of the exhibition, the wall and floor constructions were donated to the Special Needs Unit.


The project and the installations were funded by a Creative Communities Grant and supported by donations of materials from numerous local businesses. 

estuary nov08007.jpg
entrance mural, 2008.jpg
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